KARACHI - Executive Director and head of energy sector Siemens Pakistan Nadeem Ali Kazmi has said that engineers are our only hope to solve the energy crisis in the country. He was speaking as the chief guest at the Gala Dinner and awards night to celebrate the conclusion of silver jubilee International Multi Topic Symposium of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan. Kazmi said that engineers are resourceful and have the ability to Create Utility from nature, to manufacture alternate sources of energy and therefore to implement maga-projects. Whether the solution to energy, in essence is hydel, solar, coal, wind, thermal or nuclear; one common agent that catalyses this whole process remains ideally constant and that is the engineer. The engineering fraternity is the best asset and probably the only hope of this nation to take it out of this energy crisis. Kazmi said that quality education is the key. Support and encouragement for local research and development at the post graduate level is one area where we can all contribute in our collective, corporate and individual capacities. Kazmi emphasised the fact that it is imperative to create an atmosphere where young engineers can look forward to building their careers in Pakistan. They are the future of technological advances and this future must remain with Pakistan. Kazmi stressed the need for environment friendly solutions which, he said, must be high on our list of priorities while proposing solutions or setting up infrastructure requirements. Siemens, he added, had taken the lead in this and had a wide portfolio of green products to offer. Kazmi said he was sure that the recommendations made at this symposium will go a long way in helping Pakistan overcome its energy crisis. I firmly believe that only by working together, sharing ideas and adapting to new technologies can we build a future for our future generations. Tahir Saleem Chairman IEEEP Karachi Chapter, in his address of welcome, outlined the history of Multi Topic Symposium and the contribution it has made to knowledge enhancement in the country. Later, shields were given to organisers and sponsors. Navaid Ansari Honorary Secretary IEEEP Karachi chapter conducted the proceedings.