Fakir S Ayazuddin The PCB has once again proved that it is determined to show it is not prepared to mend its ways, and insists upon blundering on, regardless of the damage to the game or the disappointment to the millions of followers. The president himself seems unaware of the havoc being wreaked upon possibly the only happiness that can come the peoples way amongst the misery already being borne as their daily lot. The PCB has refused to make public the ICC report of the Australian tour, and the deliberate leaks that are fed to the media have now been 'confirmed by unnamed but 'reliably informed source that match fixing did take place. The ICC does have a representative at all their fixtures, and if match fixing was observed, then it was mandatory for ICC to have reported the incident(s) to the Pakistani management. Assuming that this was done, why was no action taken? From our knowledgeable sources two of the suspect in the games could have been saved. It also seems strange that our elected representatives do not have the requisite clout, nor command the respect from the PCB officials to be able to get any meaningful response. This arrogance seems to be misplaced and may lead to the people approaching the courts to remove the officers of the Board for causing wilful and deliberate damage to the people of Pakistan. Especially with reference to the news leaks of match fixing (gambling). The fact that no member of the team was specifically punished for this serious crime is a matter of great concern for it shows a sinister complicity of the Board with the members of the betting mafia. The members of the Sports Committee can and should take action in this, a matter of public concern, as the public is responsible for the revenues that pay for the lifestyles of the cricketers and their ancillaries. Without the fans, the cricketers would be nothing and even the bookies would not be interested. The courts may soon be moved, as the chairman has already indicated that he has the confidence of President Zardari, and could not care for anyone else, thereby putting himself above the reach of normal actions of the 'rules of business. Rumours are rife that he has not met the president in quite a while, and there is certainly no indication that any meeting has recently taken place. The president is already a busy man, and does not have the time to meet a cronys crony, especially one on a losing streak. As they say no one likes a loser, the incumbent president is one of these. The chairman is not only a loser but also surrounded by hounds baying for his blood. Much more disturbing is the revelation, according to news reports, that there was a heavy involvement of gambling and the presence of bookies, which was indicated by the ICC rep to the PCB representative, and was part of the final report to the Pakistan Board. Cricketing sources are saying that the dropped catches were part of the scenario. If this is so then the two matches could have been saved or at least one. The other dangerous and sinister effect has been the introduction of our young cricketers to the world of betting and to unscrupulous bookies. This would be a criminal waste of our young talent. The ICC report to the PCB has not been made public, possibly because highly damaging facts could emerge. The PCB is certainly not a sacred cow in need of protection, but it certainly needs to be protected from the incompetent and unscrupulous management. Now that a betting link is being hinted at, it is imperative that Pakistani cric-ket distance itself from any such taint for the people. Also if the chairman continues in his unilateral protection of the betting syndicates, who seem to have placed themselves in the power circles as the man who dropped the crucial catc-hes has been named in the new line-up, the future of cricket in Pakistan will not be good. The Board does not realise that if they do not take action against the syndicate, the ICC may choose to bar Pakistan from participating in the World Cup, on the grounds that they have zero tolerance towards gambling. At the same time, this cry would be taken up by the many enemies surrounding Pakistan. It is time that the possibility of a World Cup ban could help the shedding of these champions of disasters, for it is now extremely likely that the T20 success was a fluke, and cannot be repeated especially by this management. The writer is a political analyst.