LAHORE - Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly, Ch Zaheer-ud-Din has said that the entire machinery of the provincial government is running the election campaign of PML-N candidate in PP-111 Gujrat and he has demanded of the Election Commission to take notice of the activities of the Punjab Government. He expressed these views while talking to newsmen on Friday at the Opposition Chambers. Ch Zaheer said that he had written a letter to Chief Election Commissioner in which he demanded that the Commission should take notice of the provincial governments involvement in running the election campaign of PML-N candidate in PP-111 to establish its neutrality. He said that postings and transfers especially in the police department were being made to get the desired results in the upcoming by-polls of PP-111, Gujrat. The opposition leader said that newly appointed police officers in PP-111 have been given the targets to get desired results at each polling station. He said that cases were being registered against the voters and supporters of PML-Q and district administration of Gujrat was playing a partisan role in this whole episode. He said that MNAs, ministers and advisors of PML-N were running the campaign of their candidate in official vehicles openly without any fear. MPA demands to take notice of fake cases PML-Q Member Provincial Assembly Samina Khawar Hayat has demanded of the judiciary to take notice of cases registered against her family members for their alleged involvement in February 15 incident at Ferozpur Road. Samina expressed these views while addressing a press conference on Friday at her residence. She said fake cases were registered against her seven family members including her husband and uncle Haji Abdul Wahid for their alleged involvement in February 15 mayhem at Ferozpur Road in which angry mobs set on fire six buses while protesting against stopping of some transport facilities by the provincial government. However, her uncle Haji Wahid had passed away three years before and the police involved her husband and other family members in the case to pressurize her for changing political loyalties, she said. She alleged that the provincial government had deputed SHO Factory Area, Abdullah to harass her family members but she would not bow before any pressure and remain a diehard worker of PML-Q.