ISLAMABAD After Pakistan has successfully tracked down top brass of Al-Qaeda leaving little for Indo-Afghan camps to target Pakistan on every count of criticism, the Western bloc following historical Indian legacy regarding Pakistan - blurring the achievements and highlighting the otherwise - has altogether lobbied to wake up to Indias call to cast aspersions on Pakistans capabilities and intentions. Indias newly found 'obsession about banned militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), with allied powers at its back, has surfaced at a time when Pakistan not the India is worst affected by terrorism. Overlooking the abominable game of bloodbath that rocked Pakistan last week in Lahore, Karachi, and parts of NWFP, the US Congress, quite ironically, held a hearing on the 11th of this month regarding LeTs alleged role in terrorist attacks inside India. The Sub-committee of Congress on Foreign Affairs dealing with South Asia region headed by Gary Ackerman carried out the proceedings. The Subcommittee expressed its deep concern over 'LeTs growing ambitions in Pakistan. On the other hand, Ackermans led committee that thoroughly projected Indian version did not utter a word about terrorism in Pakistan sponsored by Indian terrorist camps in Afghanistan. Ackerman is known as a mouthpiece of India in the diplomatic circles and his connections with Indians out of political and financial motives are well known. Apart from that, Indian Home Secretary Gopal Pillais statement about Pakistans involvement in Pune blast and Defence Minister AK Anthonys sweeping assessment about 42 terrorist camps in Pakistan only further encouraged the so-called friends of Pakistan to malign the country further. General Petraeus is so obsessed with 'Pakistan phobia these days that he had to utter last Tuesday that any terrorist attack in India would re-ignite Indo-Pak tensions. However, the General deliberately dodged commenting if the situation turned vice versa. He preferred to keep his lips tight to series of India-sponsored deadly attacks that took so many lives in Pakistan of late. A day after Petraeuss statement, another military guru, Deputy Commander US Special Operations Command, Lt Gen Francis Kearney went a step ahead to 'worry that terrorist groups like LeT would cause Indo-Pak war. He particularly referred to the presence of militants in Pakistan. A fresh addition to these pro-Indian assessments is General Petraeus statement that LeT is not on Pakistans 'radar but Pakistan Army has been taking strong action against Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Taking advantage of the floating tide, Hamid Karzai along with the ever foul-mouthed Indians and Americans, joined the bandwagon in speculating Pakistans intentions and expressed his 'anger, as reported in foreign media, on the arrest of Mullah Baradar. Under the prevailing pretext, his anger sounds quite a 'pertinent move to further undermine Pakistans role. Pakistan once again bowed in submission as reflected by Defence Ministers statement to extradite Baradar despite LHCs ruling against his extradition. It is evident that the arrangement set to exert pressure on Pakistan as a deviation tactic to blur its achievements against Taliban and Al-Qaeda has begun to show. While Washington no longer can accuse Pakistan of not going tougher on the militants, it has found 'LeTs presence in Pakistan as an excuse to use Pakistan as scapegoat only to conceal India-sponsored terrorism coming from Afghanistan.