NEW DELHI (Agencies) - India appeared to give its qualified blessing Friday to a plea deal that saw a Chicago man admitting scoping out sites for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. David Coleman Headley pleaded guilty Thursday to 12 terrorism charges after US prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty or to allow the suspect to be extradited to India. Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram denied suggestions that the plea bargain would hamper Indias own efforts to bring those behind the Mumbai attacks to justice. It is not a setback, Chidambaram said, adding that the plea bargain offered a good chance that Headley would testify in judicial proceedings at which Indian investigators would have a right to question him. Chidambaram said though authorities in United States had shared a significant amount of information about Headley, New Delhi had many more questions and was gearing up to charge him at the appropriate time. India wants to interrogate Headley or be able to ask him questions in a court testimony, Chidambaram said. There are many more questions that we want to ask, much more information which we wish to get, he told reporters. I will continue to press for access to Headley in the sense that he will testify in a proceeding or subject himself to interrogation. We have not given up our plea for extradition, he added. Headley has been cooperating with US investigators since his arrest in October and faces up to life in prison. He has pleaded to 12 counts, including conspiring to bomb and murder US and Indian citizens. In an agreement with prosecutors, Headley promised to help investigators and give testimony against others in exchange for a pledge he would not be extradited to India, Pakistan or Denmark. US Assistant Secretary Robert Blake, on a two-day trip to India, said Headley will not be extradited as part of a plea bargain, but assured Indian authorities of more cooperation. I think you will have full access to all the information and whether or not an Indian team can itself go, I just cant answer the question, Blake, who met senior Indian govt officials on Friday, told reporters in New Delhi. Headley, who spent his childhood in Pakistan and whose father is Pakistani, is also charged with plotting a revenge attack on a Danish newspaper that published controversial cartoons depicting the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in 2005. India has signalled it is open to a new round of talks with Pakistan after the A date has yet to be set for Headleys sentencing, where a judge will hear arguments as to whether he should spend the rest of his life in jail or be given leniency for his cooperation. I dont think the government of India would be unsatisfied with a life sentence, Indian Home Secretary GK Pillai said.