The inclusion of General Kayani in the delegation for forthcoming Pakistan US strategic dialogue is being welcomed by all. Pakistanis are bitter after being betrayed by the politicians. They have dismayingly looked at a series of futile talks that had initially raised their hopes but ultimately brought home nothing. The recent secretary level talks with India underscored the inadequacy of our government in resolving any issue at the international level. A change was observed after the COAS had competently communicated his views to the international community in the NATO conference in Brussels. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, someone has overtly and publicly asserted Pakistans concerns and presented a fully-developed vision of the world. It is being hoped that General Kayani would again present Pakistans point of view in the strategic dialogue in US just as powerfully and logically as he had done in Brussels. Pakistanis need forceful diplomacy to achieve what they are aiming to achieve in this trip to Washington; i.e. energizing of the power sector and a commitment of sizable foreign investments in the countrys economy. The recent invitation extended to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmud Qureshi by his Saudi counterpart is significant for Pakistan as it may provide an opportunity to patch up differences with some of the countries Pakistan is seeking a dialogue with. It is also an opportunity for coherently extrapolating Pakistans stance against terrorism and its strategic interests in Afghanistan. A clearer perspective on both would help resolve misunderstandings in the international community about Pakistans role in South Asian region and may create better understanding with our neighbours. A more sociable relation with India would help Pakistans credibility as an important player in the region. -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, March 18.