KARACHI - Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) is neglecting the requirements of International Oil Pollution and Prevention (IOPP) Convention, as the port sewerage treatment plant and discharge system is in shamble. Sources told The Nation that the entire port sewerage is directly discharged into the sea, polluting the East Bay and causing critical damage to marine life. Other incidents that have occurred in the port area include the grounding of Lake Konpira and JPO Delphinus, while the former had critical damage to its bottom tanks including oil tanks whereas the later had grounded in the outer channel, sources added. They said that on both the occasions no oil spill float boom was placed to restrain any oil spill that could have occurred. Sources informed The Nation the complete set of the equipment for controlling any oil spill eventuality was handed over to PSA Gwadar under the Concession Agreement signed between PSAI and Gwadar Port Authority (GPA). But the port operator has not installed the setup in this regard and not even trained any team for oil spill control despite the fact that PSAI, being one of the largest port operators, is well acquainted with IOPP convention and its requirements, sources informed. Similarly, make-shift unhygienic toilets without any extra sewerage treatment plants are erected inside the terminal area for labor usage, resultantly the entire terminal area is littered with cargo leakage and empty bags, sourced added. Besides, several-make shift canteens are also erected which can be a cause of fire, and no safety signs are displayed in the terminal area for work safety, they added. Similarly, sufficient area of the terminal and its surroundings was designated for horticulture for the assessment/approval of environmental impact report and part of that area falls within the terminal area, sources added. Sources while showing their concerns said the Concession-holder is required to take all reasonable measures necessary to prevent hazards including fire which may arise from any activity concerning operation or maintenance. It is pertinent to mention that PSAI is responsible for work safety, health and environment in line with the requirements of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH). Sources emphasized that people who are engaged in port planning and operation have to be made aware of possible sources of pollution and the adverse result of pollution for the environment. They should know how to prevent and fight pollution in case it has happen, so environmental protection should be included in all kinds of training at all levels.