LAHORE Chairman Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said on Friday that wrath of the people was the result of fake and hollow slogans of the rulers. Issues like price hike, poverty and unemployment forced the people to come out on the roads and streets and be violent and if the rulers will not mend their ways, the ongoing situation will lead the scenario towards a civil disobedience that would be very dangerous for the country, Imran further said. Imran said the incidents like Faizabad and Bhara Kahu should be an eye-opener for the Government. He said the rulers could gauge the level of anger of the people by witnessing such incidents. Talking about the student who sustained bullet injury during the police firing on the first day of the violence, he announced complete assistance for the family. He while condemning the firing on protestors said that law enforcing agencies should not adopt such harsh strategy to disperse them and must take some wise steps instead of adding fuel to the fire by such negative tactics. The PTI Chairman also warned the rulers of anarchy if such issues were not resolved wisely. Rulers should focus on the core issues instead of making all best efforts to safeguard their vested interests and corruption, he said, adding that the country was facing serious challenges and this was the time to think for the people. He said the circumstances had forced the violent protestors to go to the extreme and stand up against the rulers that in the name of democracy creating miseries and problems for a common man. What else rulers wanted to see as this should be enough for the Government to realise that the masses had lost the patience, he added. Commenting over the statement of President Asif Ali Zardari regarding donation body parts, PTI Chairman said it would be better for Zardari to bring back his foreign assets in the country and spend these for the welfare of the people in his life. This will be not less than a gift for the nation from Zardari, he added.