In his recent speech, Shahbaz Sharif continued with the strategy of blaming eight years of Pervaiz Musharraf for everything gone wrongas it did in Lahore the previous week. Its been two years that Punjab is under his control now. He is doing nothing and blaming others for his faults, an old habit with our leaders. Shockingly, rather than taking action against culprits and ensuring better security for common people to protect them from attacks of Taliban, he actually resorted to pleading with the Taliban. He said they should not target Punjab because he is not against Taliban and because he also abhors the government policy of allowing foreign interference. He talked about the dictatorship of Musharraf but failed to recall that rather than fighting the dictatorship, he and his family had run away from the country with a 'deal. -FATIMA SIDDIQUI, Karachi, March 16.