PESHAWAR – Awami National Party Ideological President Saifullah Khan has urged the followers of Bacha Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan to have a boycott with the ANP incumbent leadership and join ANP Ideological group so that the mission of their leaders could be achieved.

Addressing a press conference, Saifullah Khan Khail said that the ideological workers of ANP were the actual supporters of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan. He said these people rendered innumerable sacrifices for the cause of freedom during the Bacha Khan movement in 1926.

The properties of these people were confiscated and they were detained in various jails in rigorous punishment but they did not quit the philosophy of Bacha Khan, he said.

 He deplored that the incumbent leadership of Awami National Party has ignored the ideological workers of the party that is why they are inviting the ideological workers to join ANP ideological group for an aim to keep up the mission of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

He appealed to the followers of non-violent philosopher to come and join hands with Awami National Party Ideological group.