The ‘Ides of March’ actor was arrested for civil disobedience in Washington last week alongside his journalist father Nick and other protesters after a demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy and George says he learned from an early age that celebrities are more newsworthy than humanitarian crises. He told ‘Fox News Sunday’: ‘’I saw my father in the 1970s doing really good stories and then getting bumped because there was a Liz Taylor story that was going to be out. And the story that he did that had real some social value was going to get bumped. ‘’I said to my dad, ‘Remember how you used to get all your stories bumped by Liz Taylor or something happened in Hollywood?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Well, let’s go to Darfur. And you be the newsman and I’ll be Liz Taylor and let’s get it on the air.’ And he said, ‘OK’.”                   –EPS