LAHORE – Chief Traffic Officer on Monday assured the Rickshaw Association and Lytton Road Trade wing that no stringent action would be taken against rickshaw drivers on minor violations.

Speaking to the Rickshaw Association office-bearers at his office, the CTO asked them to learn about traffic rules and regulations, adding that the Education Unit of the City Traffic Police will impart necessary education among the rickshaw drivers.

The office-bearers including President Trade wing Lytton Road Haji Baghi Khan, Secretary General Taaj Muhammad Khan, Chairman Rickshaw Unions Syed Wali Shah and President Rickshaw Unions Ghulam Mustafa had called on the CTO to complain against the traffic wardens.

Traffic police sources said the trade wing and rickshaw association members alleged that the wardens often misbehave with rickshaw drivers and sometimes they also threaten them.

The CTO, however, told them that challans would be issued only on severe violations like signals jumping, violation of heinous nature, which could lead to the deaths of passengers and the passers-by. The CTO asked them to approach him in case the wardens misbehave or take law into their hands on personal grudges.

Meanwhile, a citizen namely Muhammad Ashiq Bhatti has complained that the wardens riding a misappropriated number plate vehicle not only threatened him and his family, but also issued him a challan over a minor violation.

“We were returning to Lahore after shopping for my nephew’s wedding, when a vehicle occupied by a few wardens signaled me to stop,” he told this reporter. Mr. Ashiq, a worker of a local newspaper, said he also told them about a challan that had already been issued to him, but the wardens issued him new challan worth over Rs 1000 for failing to repair the number plate of his vehicle.

“Meanwhile, when I noticed the number plate of their vehicle, it contained misappropriated numbers, so I made a video of it, on which they threatened me.” he said, adding that the wardens might be involved in criminal acts but would save their skins by using bogus number plate. He appealed to the traffic authorities to check their own system before taking action against the violators.