ISLAMABAD - Absence of promised facilities including funds and resources, non-cooperation by several directorates of the Authority and frivolous attitude of city managers are contributing a lot to flop a recently adopted and much-praised system of appointment of focal persons for early disposal of residents complaints.

In recent past, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has introduced the system of appointment of focal persons across the federal capital for early disposal of residents’ complaints regarding sanitation, sewerage, drainage, civil works, roads, footpaths, parks, water supply, streetlights and encroachments.

On February 28, the CDA has notified the appointment of 10 officials of the rank of Deputy Director as focal persons to look after the affairs of some 17 fully occupied residential sectors including 16 major markets (markaz), 102 parks, 21 play grounds, a model village (Saidpur), three towns (Humak, Shahzad Town and Ali Pur Frash) and diplomatic enclave.

The basic aim of introducing this system was to process the complaints of the residents of federal capital on fast track by decreasing the cumbersome processes in lodging of complaints with various directorates of CDA. So far, the focal persons have submitted their two weekly performance reports with Chief Focal Person Tariq Pervez, CDA Director Contracts, but the performance remained below the expectations.

At the time of appointing focal persons they were assured that they would be provided with sufficient funds, resources, offices, vehicles, staff, etc. but the matter of fact is that these officials are not even given stationary to prepare their progress report, discretionary funds is a distinct dream.

Background conversations with the focal persons narrate a story of complete failure, where they in their progress reports have mentioned several hurdles they have been facing in the presence of aforementioned issues.

The performance reports witnessed by this scribe show more than half of the complaints lodged with them by the residents remained unattended for one reason or the other. In some of the cases several directorates extended cold shoulder response to focal persons, while in some material required was not present in CDA stores.  “We have been using over personal cell phones and vehicles for communication purposes,” lamented a focal person. He also predicted that soon the newly adopted system would meet the same fate as of CDA enquiry offices.