The March 17 was “Black Day” in the history of Sindh when hooliganism was staged by lawmakers belonging to one party in Sindh Assembly who did not allow house to take up any business from the order of the day. Thus, the sanctity of the house was brutally violated.

As per press reports, the MQM legislators were clearly spoiling for a fight and actual reason for MQM’s protest was unconnected to its new fond interest in ridding Karachi of extortion and kidnapping for ransom. Despite acting Speaker Ms Shehla Reza call to order amidst noisy protest staged by MQM lawmakers to take their seats, some of agitating legislators displaying posters and shouting slogans did not appear to be in mode to oblige. To protest against insulting behavior to MPA Arif Mustafa Jatoi by MQM lawmakers in Sindh Assembly house, a NPP activist Zain-ul-Abadeen tried to set himself on fire. It is evident from the behavior of MQM they do not believe in rule of law by taking law in their hands. It is very sad that those who remained champion of extortion and ransom, they are making hue and cry against such evils to hoodwink the people. Further, use of restricted Red Zone by the said Party for staging protest on large scale and not allowing others even to register peaceful protest, clearly shows law is not equal for all. That is very sad and would spread anarchy in Sindh.


Karachi, March 19.