LAHORE – A man on Monday shot dead his wife and her paramour at his residence in the Gujjarpura police area and fled, police said. The resident of Mehmoodabad, Noor Ahmed killed 35-year-old Rahmat Bibi and her 24-year-old cousin Atta Ullah, police investigators said.

Family members told the police that Atta used to visit Noor Ahmed’s residence to see Rahmat Bibi. He had also developed illicit relations with the mother four. Ahmed had been asking Atta not to visit the couple anymore.

On the day of the incident, as Noor Ahmed came back home from his work he saw his wife with Aata Ullah in the bedroom. The man got infuriated, took out his gun and shot dead his wife and her paramour. Rahmat Bibi died on the spot while Atta breathed his last at a hospital.

girls recovered: Police on Monday claimed to have recovered two young sisters who were allegedly kidnapped from their Badami Bagh house a couple of weeks ago. Investigators raided a house in Green Town and arrested a youth, identified as Riaz Jameel. The accused denied kidnapping the girls and told the police that they were willingly staying with him since he had developed a love-affair with the eldest.   The girls, identified as Saleha, 15, and Nazia, 10, had gone missing on March 4.

Minor drowns: Two minor boys fell into the pond while they were playing with a ball here Mughalpura area on Monday afternoon. One of them was pulled out alive while the other was recovered dead, rescue workers said.

The boys, identified as 6-year-old Muhammad Waqas, and his friend Rafi Ullah, 5, were playing with a ball near Sabzi Mandi in Singhpura area when all of sudden they fell into the deep pound, which is spread to some 14-kanal area.

Some local residents who witnessed the incident immediately contacted the Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue-1122). The rescue workers reached the spot within a few minutes and launched the operation. “The rescue workers managed to pull out a minor boy alive.

Though his condition was stable but the rescuers shifted him to a local hospital for medical treatment,” Farooq Ahmed, a spokesman of Rescue-1122 said. He said the other boy was recovered dead from the pond after three hours long search and rescue operation. The police also reached the spot and handed over the body to the deceased family.  Many emotional scenes were witnesses as the rescue workers pulled out the dead body of six-year-old Muhammad Waqas from the pond. Local residents said the extensive man-made and fenceless pond was a serious threat to the nearby residents.

Local residents also staged strong protest demonstration against WASA and City district government and said that the incident took place due to their negligence.