There is no denying Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s comments that behind the increase in Indian defence budget lay the motive of pressurising Pakistan. One form of this belligerence has taken the shape of an escalating water blockade, turning us into an agricultural wasteland. Also one is shocked to hear numerous reports that India has also managed to persuade our former Indus Water Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah into obfuscating Pakistan’s main complaint of water theft through dams in the international Court Of Arbitration. However, Mr Shah has answered back by saying that it was Musharraf and other top officials of the Water Commission that were responsible for the sell out. There is also his statement that a single individual cannot trick the entire Commission into doing his bidding. However, the issue needs to be thoroughly probed.

What is obvious is that India has already built a number of large dams on our share of Indus rivers. And if it serves its purpose, New Delhi would not shy away from bribing members of Pakistan’s water commission. Having said that, it is simply unbelievable how our water commission argued the case in the international court. Not only were simple facts ignored, but precious time was also wasted on the commissioners’ part by delaying the proceedings against the Indian government. Some heads must roll this time around.