LAHORE - Kinnaird College for Women organised an awareness lecture on Dengue prevention in collaboration with Chief Minister’s Special Team of Dengue Awareness here on Monday.

Dr Shahid Mehmood from Department of Community Medicine of Services Institute of Medical Sciences was the guest speaker on the occasion.

While addressing the audiences, Dr Shahid elaborated the history, risk areas and symptoms of dengue virus. He emphasised a change in life styles to cope with the epidemic.

“Dengue is a vital infection and 40 percent of world population are living in areas where there is a danger of this virus”, he said. He suggested precautionary measures to avoid the disease by removing extra water from plants and gutter caps and using repellent before going outdoors.

The gardeners of Kinnaird College were specially invited to attend the lecture. College principal Dr Rukhsana David thanked the guest speaker Dr shahid Mehmood and Dr Saleema Bashir for conducting this seminar.