Lack of speed-breakers on the road from Tahli Mori to Bakkar Mandi is posing life hazards for the residents of area.

On both sides of the road from Tahli Mori to Bakkar Mandi shopping centres and plazas are located and it is major market of the city. The people from far and off come here for shopping but they have to face the major problems of over-speeding suzukis, wagons and other vehicles, said a group of buyers.

“We can not cross the road to go to any shopping centre to other side as the flow of traffic is so speedy that we can no dare to cross the road,” said Ghazala Begum, a housewife. “A few days back, my sister was hit by an over-speeding car while crossing the road and she was taken to hospital,” said Ghulam Rasool, a citizen. “Everyday one or two children of our school get injured while crossing the road due to fast and unchecked traffic,” said a lady teacher.

The area also lacks streetlight and fast traffic plays havoc at night, complained the trader community. The growing road accidents due to lack of speed-breakers have forced our customers to do shopping in other markets and this way we are suffering heavily, said Javed Qureshi, a trader. Residents of the area demanded immediate installation of streetlights and speed-breakers to avert any untoward incident.