The memo Commission constituted pursuant to the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its Order March 18, 2012 observed that Mr. Mansoor Ijaz has concluded his evidence and that Mr. Hussain Haqqani has not carried out the admission and denial of documents. The Commission observed that Mr. Haqqani has repeatedly being indulged with regard to the admission and denial of documents and granted him three opportunities to complete the exercise. However, in the interest of justice a fourth and last opportunity is granted to Mr. Haqqani to complete the admission and denial of all documents produced by 5 p.m. London time (10 p.m. Pakistan time), Wednesday, March 21, 2012. In case of failure to admit or deny the said documents by the said date and time, it will be presumed that the same are admitted by Mr. Haqqani. The Commission further observed that since Mr. Haqqani also undertook before the Hon’ble Supreme Court that on four days notice he would return to Pakistan and appear before the Commission to record his evidence. The Commission directed that the recording of evidence of Mr. Haqqani will commence on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. (Pakistan time) at the premises of the Islamabad High Court. In case Mr. Haqqani has any security concerns the same shall be conveyed to the learned Attorney General who is directed to ensure that Mr. Haqqani is provided with complete security.