People in our country mostly depend upon agriculture. That’s why agricultural education should be given a great importance. Due to lack of unawareness of modern agricultural education, the majority of our farmers have been cultivating using traditional, old methods. The tools and techniques of cultivating crops have become outdated. Most of the cultivation is done by ploughing and by the cattle. Our farmer can neither get chemical dung and five seeds nor can they prevent the crops from the different diseases caused by pests. Because of these outdated techniques and methods of cultivation not only farmers but also the whole country has to bear the loss. Provision of agricultural education at vast level to the people of our country is necessarily important. To fulfill this purpose government should build more institutes for agricultural education and training. Information about modern agricultural should be disseminated through print and electronic media in order to acquaint our farmers with the most recent and modern ways of cultivation. It is for this reason that we should examine our country’s education system and bring about the necessary reforms.


Karachi, March 19.