Sir, in one of your editorials you have said the PPP government is least worried about the political fallout. For one, the respite from loadshedding in the recent past has taken the steam out of public protests. Also the government has been able to dilute public resentment by trumped up promises of gas from Iran and power from Thar coal. The PPP government will feel the pinch only when there are facing food riots. But, in its preoccupation with loadshedding, the media has failed to tell the public that it is having to pay through its nose for food because of downturn in agricultural production. Food inflation is a direct result of water shortage. This shortage will continue on an incremental basis until a mega dam is built at the earliest to increase water supply and augment agricultural production. One can live without electricity but not without food. Total attention to loadshedding has blinded us to the much bigger bread and butter crisis.


Lahore, March 17.