SHERGARH - Despite orders by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for uninterrupted power supply during the Asia Cup cricket match between Pakistan and India, about five hours loadshedding was carried out here in the town and its suburbs during the match on Sunday.

As if it were a planned defiance of the premier’s instructions, the loadshedding started exactly at the starting time of the match (1:00pm) and continued till 3:30pm depriving the cricket fans of the major portion of the 1st innings.

After the interval, the power breakdown again started at about 5:00pm and continued till 7pm. Ironically, no loadshedding was witnessed before 1:00pm.

Earlier on Sunday, the prime minister had directed the Ministry of Water and Power to ensure that there are no power outages during the Pak-India match so that the fans could enjoy the whole match without any disruptions.