KHANEWAL - Famous Religious scholar and Prof of Madina university Prof Dr Abdul Rasheed Azhar was Iaid to rest here. He was martyred by two unknown culprits at his residence in Islamabad.

He was patron-in-chief of famous religious education institute Jamia Saeediya Ahle Hadith Colony No-3 Khanewal.

A large number of people from all walks of life attended the funeral held at the Railway Sports Ground and was laid to rest in the native graveyard. The city religious circles protested against the sad incident and demanded the government immediate arrest of the culprits

On the occasion, while talking to the media the deceased’s son Azhar Masood said that his father was at home when two unknown persons knocked the door and asked him some help, and also told that they were very hungry and needed some food. After one hour when family of the deceased called him from guest room, he was found dead and his car was also missing from the parking.