Twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been inundated by hoardings, banners, posters and board greeting of different political leaders. This expenditure is totally useless.

People are suffering from plethora of economic and social issues. The cost of utilities has gone beyond their reach; inflation has almost doubled during recent times.  According to news report, the cost of food items has increased by almost 79 percent during past four years. Eventually, the purchasing power and real income of an ordinary man has been reduced by 79 percent. The prices of petroleum product is another enigma we face in different forms every month; sometimes twice a month. In such testing times when keeping body and soul together becomes difficult for majority of people, what can an average man do. Our weak economy has been further tested to the limits during this regime tenure causing shutdown of business and that of large entrepreneurs. Many industries are being shifted to Bangladesh for cheap labour and uninterrupted power supply. The scarcity of electric power and sui-gas in Pakistan has forced them to go outside Pakistan resulting into manifold increase in unemployment within the country. Our large public sector units are frail, and near shut-down level due to poor management and underutilization of resources. PIA, Pak Steel, Railways, and Radio Pakistan are a few to count. Lack of appropriate long-term planning, which has remained our hallmark throughout history since independence, has left the country in lurch. Quick-fixes to cope with the major issues of water and power have worsened the situation. In the present scenario, any ray of hope can be termed as wishful thinking. Dreadful law and order situation has horrified the inhabitants and people find no place where they can feel themselves safe and secure. Law and order situation remains fragile and constitute indigestible fruit whose seeds were sown by military dictators Zia-ul-Haq and Musharaff. The irony of fate is that our leaders spend a lot on their luxuries. What a pity! When a country plunges into massive problems due to poor management plagued with corruption and inefficiency, boasting for unreal achievements is just mockery of masses. I request all those who believe in their success by raising mountain-like hoardings and bill-boards that helping the poor and only acting according to their mandate would earn success for them in both worlds.


Islamabad, March 19.