LAHORE - The trade bodies have announced to hold a protest demonstration against FBR’s unrealistic tax system, extortion mafia in Karachi and traders abduction in Balochistan, in front of the parliament house on Tuesday (today).

Thousands of protesters, including all trade bodies’ representatives from across the country, will also besiege the FBR headquarters in Islamabad against the impractical and illogical system of the tax department.

The traders of Rawalpindi and Islamabad will observe shutter down strike for half day on Tuesday from 1pm to 6pm and participate the protest rally against issuance of D Farm, which has been made compulsory for tax returns, and violation of bank secrecy act by the officials of tax department.

All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran central general secretary Naeem Mir, in a statement issued here on Monday, said that traders have decided to launch a joint agitation against the issuance of Farm D in front of parliament house in Islamabad. He said the business community considers this move as unjustified and illogical because it would not do any service to the FBR rather it would further tighten noose around the registered tax payers only.

Highlighting the major issues of traders, Naeem Mir criticized the FBR for introducing D Farm in tax returns. He questioned the Federal Board of Revenue the logic behind the decision under which every trader will have to submit all details of his households, vehicles, petrol consumption, number of children, their schools fee amount.

He said business community was surprised that instead of taking measures to widen tax net and control leakage, the policies are being evolved to add to the miseries of the business-doing people.

Opposing the turnover tax, he said when traders already paying income tax as well as sales tax then what is the justification of return over tax.

He also demanded the continuation of low interest loan schemes for the traders of KPK, which is going to be lapsed in June this year.

He blasted the frequent incidents of traders community abduction in Balochistan and demanded the govt to take some solid action and provide security to the business community in the province.

He expressed solidarity with the business community of Karachi against extortions and urged the government to take a decisive action against the extortionist who are not only spoiling the business atmosphere but also tarnishing the image of the country.  He said that it was very unfortunate that despite knowing every about Karachi situation, it has shown least interest in controlling the rising trend of extortions.

He said that business community of Lahore fully endorses the viewpoint of business community of Karachi on rising extortion incidents and deteriorating law and order situation. He observed that only because of these anti social elements the biggest industrial city of the country was fast losing its charm and the investments are declining.