Lack of clean drinking water and water supply scheme in  Chakra and its surrounding areas including Misrial Road, Dhok Mustaqim, Chishtia Abad, Malik Abad and Karam Abad have posed health hazards. “No water supply scheme exists here and we are forced to drink polluted water,” said the residents of Dhok Mustaqim.

“Every member of our family is suffering from abdominal diseases,” said Javed Akhtar, a resident of Karamabad.

“We have to bring clean drinking water from remote areas by hiring taxis and this way we have to incur heavy expenses to meet our water requirements,” said Nadeem Ahmad a teacher. The politicians and elected representatives are paying no heed to address this problem and have left us at the mercy of corrupt elements of concerned department, said a group of traders. Residents demanded immediate steps for providing clean drinking water to them through approval of water supply scheme.