LAHORE - Hunar Shunar Foundation President Dr Samana Zeshan has said that it will be a great service to educate the poor children and women so they could become useful citizens of the state.
She also criticised the old rituals like magic, dowry and showy culture. She expressed these views accompanied by other office bearers including Dr Saghir Ahmad, Nasir Bangash, Shahab Khan and the French donor Christophe Bureau while visiting The Nawa-i-Waqt Group offices on Wednesday. She also condemned exploitation of women in the society adding the women had been playing an important role in the progress of country.
Dr Samana Zeshan termed the Nepali woman an ideal one who worked hard shoulder to shoulder with men. The Nepali society reflects some rich customs like that of arranged marriages and no dowries but the girls themselves search for their life partners. The man had to undergo legal process for seven years for the second marriage. She also rejected dowry that caused many problems in the family matters and delay in marriages.  Dr Zeshan said that Pakistan needs to focus on education of masses and her foundation had long been working on such projects to promote education and to eradicate the worst customs. She said that the people should follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah to end frivolities.
She said that under the banner of the Foundation, 372 students including the three at Barcelona University had been being sponsored. Free education at institutions at Shahdara and Wajidabad established by the foundation is being given.
Christophe Bureau said that majority of the Pakistani was honest who spend the donation on right places but it was need of the hour to better tattered image of this country. Dr Saghir Ahmad said that the self finance system must not function as it provided incompetent people. Uniform education system was solution to the class distinction in society.