JUI-F Ameer Maulana Fazalur Rehman has said that talks with Taliban were not a child’s play thus the Army should be taken on board, ruling out any major breakthrough in the process.
He was talking to journalists here at Multan Airport after his arrival from Islamabad to attend a big congregation being held by Wifaqul Madaris on Wednesday. Maulana said that there existed outfits even bigger than defunct Tehrik Taliban and the government should advance the process of peace dialogue with all extremist groups in an organised manner.
He dispelled the impression that he had any differences with the government, saying he had some reservations on dialogue process which he had conveyed to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He said that he was not engaged in peace talks at the moment. He said that the course of action to tackle the issue of terrorism was to be decided by the government but all stakeholders should be consulted.
To a query on chances of any breakthrough in peace talks, he declined to show any optimism, saying the chances of any major breakthrough were bleak.
He said that the cooperation of establishment in peace process was a good omen but the government should talk to all groups.
On the other side, JUI-S Ameer Maulana Samiul Haq disclosed on Wednesday that Taliban were willing to hold direct talks with the government, but they wanted to select venue for the dialogue themselves.
Talking to journalists here, he added that a visible thaw in the moods could be seen on either side. “We’ll not disappoint the masses and peace talks will succeed,” he claimed. He added that the ceasefire had come into force and peace talks were heading towards a meaningful conclusion. Answering a question, he said that the wrong policies of former rulers plunged the country into the fire of others’ war. He told the journalists that a joint session of talks would take place on Thursday (today). He said that the Taliban had refused to participate in talks in government buildings and airports while on the other hand it was also hard for government representatives to reach North Waziristan. He claimed that there was no deadlock between Taliban and government teams on talks.
Referring to the purpose of his arrival in Multan, he said that the moot was going to decide a course of action for halting government’s interference in the affairs of religious institutions. “We’ll not tolerate any interference on part of government in madrassahs,” he warned. 
Dubbing National Security Ordinance as a risky game, he said that it could put the government into a new ordeal. He said that the western media had been making false propaganda campaign against religious institutions.To a question, Maulana claimed that the Ehrarul Hind was a fictitious group and Taliban were ready to cooperate with the government to crush it. He warned that the consequences of military operation would be horrible, claiming that all members of government including Ministers and advisors would flee from the country and leave the masses at the mercy of Taliban.
To another query on recovery of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani’s son Ali Haider Gillani, he said that he failed despite sincere efforts. He lamented that the statements of associates of former premier made the situation further complex.
Meanwhile, member of committee formed by Taliban for talks Mufti Kifayatullah claimed on Wednesday that the way Taliban behaved exhibited their willingness to promote peace process.
Talking to the journalists here at Multan Airport, he added that there were doubts on government’s intentions regarding peace talks and these doubts would exist in future. He said that the government dissolved first talks committee on technical grounds but the new committee was also very weak. “Even Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan is not its member,” he maintained.  He strongly dispelled the impression that Taliban did not accept the constitution, saying the constitution is Islamic.