Islam recognizes the equality of genders. Being an Islamic society we should respect our women and protect their fundamental rights, but unfortunately there is no such thing practiced in Pakistan. The word ‘woman’ in Pakistan is synonymous with ‘endurance’. Women face multiple forms of violence, not only the rural women but even the urban women. They all face similar troubles such as rape, domestic abuse, acid throwing, burning alive and torture at the hands of men around them.

The latest incident of a young girl who immolating herself after being raped and finding no justice, should have shaken the foundations of this country, Islamic Republic of Pakistan! But nothing happened our CM made some statements and gave some orders, but what actually did he do to avoid such incidents from happening in the future? How can we accept it so easily? The rapist of a minor girl in Lahore has yet to be found. According to the constitution of Pakistan article 376, which states that the punishment for rape is death or 10 to 25 years imprisonment has not been implemented. There were 103 rape cases registered in Islamabad during 2013, but not a single person was caught or convicted. What kind of lax society do we live in?

This is all due to completely corrupt police and judiciary in our country. I would say one can easily get away with murder here! The only person the government is spending millions in convicting is Gen Musharraf! What benefit will the common man get from his trial while rapist, arsonists, and acid throwers go scot free!

How can a woman get justice in this unjust society and whom can she call for help? When the defender of your honour and life are the same who plunder them you are unsafe in your house, your city and your country! The only way out is if strong punishment is given to a few culprits as an example the rest will follow.


Islamabad, March 18.