MULTAN : Agriculture experts have advised growers to apply fertilizers on the basis of needs of the soil to enhance production from early sown Bt cotton varieties. Weak soil contains Phosphorous below 7 PPM, average fertile soil Phosphorous ratio ranges from 7 to 14 PPM while fertile land above 14 PPM, says a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department. Experts suggested that growers should apply 161kg Nitrogen, 70kg Phosphorous and 50kg Potash per acre ie (3 bags of DAP, six and 3/4 bags of Urea and 2 bags of potassium sulphate) for enrichment of weaker soil.
For average fertile land, growers should apply 161kg Nitrogen, 58kg Phosphorous and 50 kg Potash i.e (two and half bags of DAP, 6 bags of Urea and two bags of potassium sulphate) while fertile land should get 161 kg Nitrogen, 46 kg Phosphorous and 50 kg Potash i.e (two bags of DAP, six and 1/4th bags of Urea and two bags of potassium sulphate).
The quantity of Nitrogen should vary depending upon weather conditions and soil fertility. Growers should apply comparatively lesser quantity of Nitrogen in case of Bt cotton varieties that produce taller plants. However, its quantity can be increased depending upon the crop condition and number of bolls per plant.
Experts said early sown Bt cotton varieties need higher quantity of micronutrient like Zinc and Boron and fertilizers .
They should apply Zinc Sulphate 33 per cent 5 kilogram or 21 per cent 10 kilogram and Uric Acid 3.5 kilogram per acre after soil analysis.
Growers should apply prescribed quantity of Phosphorous, Potash, Zinc, and Boron and 1/6th of the prescribed quantity of Nitrogen at the time of sowing.
Similar 1/6th quantity of Nitrogen be applied some 30-35 days after sowing. Remaining quantity of Nitrogen be applied at the time of water application while maintaining a gap of one Nitrogen-less water application . Quantity of Nitrogen can vary on the basis of weather conditions, soil condition and crop situation.
Application of 200 kilogram animal waste organic fertilizers along with Phosphorous can yield better results.
Application of Nitrogen on dry land must immediately be followed by water application . Fertilizers application in the evening gives better results. Growers should apply half bag Urea per acre at the time of first four to five water applications in case of virus attack, the release concluded.