LAHORE - PTI Punjab President Ejaz Chaudhry has said that the MQM chief Altaf Hussain is continuously asking for the military to take control of the country which is anti-democratic and a clear indication of the mindset of the MQM leader .  In a statement on Wednesday, he said that the demand by the MQM was a result of their own failure to sustain and expand their position in Karachi where despite massive rigging, MQM’s vote bank had gone down by a huge margin.  He said that the situation in Karachi where target killing and gang wars were common, this should be the focus of an MQM leader who itself had admitted many times that his own party needs to be cleaned from the elements which were encouraging terrorism.  PTI Punjab General Secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid said that the MQM leadership should be taking care of Thar victims and playing and active part in restoring the health and economic relief activities over there.
She said that the MQM leaders who were elected from the Thar area were also responsible for the famine in Thar and like that PPP they were also not raised the voice of the Thar people in the Assembly.
She said that it was time for the MQM leadership to change their approach as those days were gone when through rigging they would keep on winning the elections.