This refers to the news, ‘Molested boy strangled’ in The Nation. According to the news, a 14 years old boy was found dead in a factory located in Shahdara. The victim, Salman Shah was strangled after being molested. The stories of sexual abuse, especially involving young boys, appear too often now, but the culprits are never brought to justice. Such criminals are mostly elder cousins, religious teachers or the law enforcement personals, but unfortunately there is no one who is interested in apprehending them.

In January, a five year old boy, was found murdered in a mosque, after being molested, the police arrested a barber but he was shot in a so called encounter just days after he confessed to killing. With time this incident too will fade from our memory, same as the tragic death of Owais, a young boy of Faisal Colony in Karachi, who committed suicide after being molested by the policeman on duty at a picket on his way, nobody remembers him.

The incidents of sexual abuse are on the rise, with most of the cases not even reported, but the authorities seem to be least interested or affected. I would like to request the media, electronic and print, to come forward to educate the masses regarding this issue. Parents should know if their child is being harassed, and how to handle the situation. Sex education must be made compulsory, in all educational institutions, as is done in civilised countries, where children are specifically taught and instructed how to deal with sexual maniacs. Our elders are ashamed of talking on subject related to sex and this lack of sex education results in criminal acts. The parents, in clear words, must explain to their children the boundaries anyone cannot cross.


Lahore, February 26.