LAHORE - Following the shocking revelations made by MQM outcast and murder convict Saulat Mirza, the government has decided to strictly adhere to law without harbouring any political expediency about investigations into the allegations as well as to fulfill the requirements of the justice.

The investigation may be carried out by a new team.

The reports are, the statement of Saulat Mirza would be recorded by the magisterial court and the same would be adopted as legal document against the MQM leaders including chief of the party Altaf Hussain, former federal minister Babar Ghauri, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad, Haider Abbas Rizvi and others whom Saulat mentioned in his statement from the death cell and claimed they had used him and others to kill Shahid Hamid, MD KESC.

The statement has all ingredients to expand the scope of the case to make links with many other such incidents. Alongside Saulat disclosures, the murder case of Dr Imran Farooq in London can have serious implications for MQM leaders. The case is being expedited by both Pakistan and UK governments and the two countries are in touch with each other to capture the culprits behind.

Reliable sources in the PML-N quarters say the government has decided to extend all legal cooperation to the investigating team and the UK government separately on both cases while arrangements are underway to prevent the issue from being politicised as well as check its use as Sindh card by anyone.

Sources say hectic activities are underway on the government side which is expected to take very vital decisions on Sindh in a day or two, besides addressing the issue of ‘militant wings’ in other political parties as indicated by the Supreme Court in the famous Karachi peace verdict.

Sources say the top authorities in the government have expressed their resolve to help the Rangers in purging Karachi in particular and Sindh in general of the criminal elements and to lay hand on any party, group and individual found directly or indirectly involved therein. The interior minister will remain on the front foot to handle things about MQM cases and any fall out of the situation on the political side would be taken care of by the government keeping interest of peace in Karachi ahead.

Sources say the PML-N has also passed instructions to its legislators and others to speak carefully before the media on the current situation so that no misimpression about anti-criminal operations develops.

Sources further say after Sindh Governor Dr Ishratal Ebad has been charged by Saulat with misuse of authority to give protection to the MQM criminals, the decision about his replacement will be taken on the basis of legal authenticity of the statement while the same will also determine the question of placing his name on the ECL with other Muttahida leaders mentioned by Mirza.

In the scenario, the statement made by newly-elected Senator Syed Nihal Hashmi is significant that Ebad should either be given clean chit if he has to be kept in the office or be removed if found guilty. Analysts read Hashmi’s statement as a demand to replace Dr Ebad since a clean chit to him in the circumstances appears difficult.

On the question that accused MQM legislators mentioned by Mirza could be given in custody of investigators for interrogations, the sources said only speaker had the authority to decide the matter after receiving a request from the investigating team. And the speaker would decide on it when the need arose.

Sources further say although Saulat charged the last PPP government in Sindh as facilitating the MQM accused in jail, yet the N-League is in no mood at the moment to pester the PPP government in Sindh in view of provisions of CoD. The government strictly wants to keep legal issues, after Mirza’s statement, separate from the political ones in order to avoid the impression of any political victimisation, they add.

Sources maintain that a quarter in the N-League suggests for taking all parties into confidence on the situation to nip the impression that it aimed at victimisation of any political parties. However, it is still within a limited circle of party.