From an ideological party, founded by men like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto(AZ), Mubashar Hassan and Rasool Buksh Talpur, to its present status, of a party with one objective, grabbing power and driven by insatiable greed of leaders like Faryal Talpoor and members of Zardari clan, it is quite a comedown. What really is disturbing is the silence of men like Raza Rabbani, who were considered to be committed ideological socialists. The unfortunate fact is that when PPP lead by AZ, became partners with known land grabbers and state corporations like PSM, PIA etc were being driven to bankruptcy, through planned corruption and jobs were sold to highest bidders, chose to be silent spectators. This country and its economy were driven to red, by rampant institutionalized corruption in Rental Power Projects and even organizations like EOBI, formed for the welfare of the elderly laborers were vandalized.

There is no Right or Left, nor any Liberals in the parties that are represented in parliament. It’s all about ‘Power Politics,’ with motto that morals and ethics have no role to play. How else can you explain all these so called Liberals and Leftists voting for JUI-F candidate in senate elections for Deputy Chairman, when that party has always opposed military operation against terrorists and has never shied from its contacts with TTP? The PPP has exploited ‘Sind’ card whenever it suits them, but has no qualms in being partners with a party which maintains a militant militia, involved in heinous crimes, and killing of thousands including poor Sindhis.


Sukkur, March 18.