It’s the 7th consecutive year that PML-N is in the power in Punjab. It’s enough time to do developmental work and improve the quality of life. But sadly PML-N has not done any worthwhile work, except some scattered failed projects, involving billions of rupees from the public kitty. Right from the first failed scheme, to the much-hyped multi-billion rupees Metro bus service project is one of such political extravaganzas which our self-styled ‘Khadim Ala’ loves to play, at the cost of public money.

Metro bus in Lahore was claimed as a great initiative but it turned out to be a bane for the hapless general public, like me, who have no other option to travel cheaply. It has, rather, become a daily bliss for the pickpockets as buses are always jam-packed. Many of my friends have lost their mobiles and wallets while travelling. Metro is only helpful for people who want to travel from Gajjumata to Shahdara or vice versa. It’s totally useless for the commuters who travel a lesser distance. Furthermore, in order to popularise the Metro bus, all other public transport has been banned from this route and now commuters have no other option except the overcrowded Metro bus. The disabled and the elderly face problem in travelling by Metro, as they cannot climb the steep stairs to aboard the bus on their own. I would like to request the Punjab government to look into this issue.


Lahore, March 18.