KARACHI - Saulat Mirza’s videotape, dramatically on aired couple of hours before his scheduled execution, has jolted the party structure of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), The Nation learnt here on Thursday. And, a major objective of Karachi operation is to end the rule of Altaf Hussain over his party, it has been claimed.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that many party leaders based in Pakistan and abroad are looking for a way-out and some have even started negotiations with rival Muhajir Quami Movement (Haqqiqi) for joining it.

They also said that some top cadres of MQM would most likely join the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) of Pervez Musharraf and it’s believed that the current operation being faced by MQM would strengthen the party of the former president in Karachi.

Sources revealed that some prominent leaders who disassociated themselves from the MQM in the past and some others who were still active within the party structure were in favour of targeted operation in Karachi. The operation was not only started with their consent but they were providing covert support to it to end the reign of Altaf Hussain and his loyalists. These elements will appear on the scene in near future, the sources said.

Karachi operation in which was actually started against all the criminals in the metropolis has come to be seen as very much similar to the 1992operation against the MQM. A local leader told The Nation that nothing is new in the current operation, except the appearance of a splinter group within the MQM. He said that numerous interviews of MQM’s detained workers had been on-aired by the government run television in 1992 operation.

MQM has been witnessing divisions in the party for quite some time and some major groups have emerged which are actively working for de-seating the party chief. High officials in Sindh Police revealed that it has been decided to complete the MQM minus Altaf Hussain task within three months “no matter how much difficulties LEAs would face”.

Nabeel Gabol, former member of MQM, after quitting the party revealed about the presence of three major groups in MQM. He also alleged that these groups have been involved in land grabbing. The Rangers have sped up the operation in those areas where MQM-Haqqiqi has considerable presence, including the Landhi, Korangi, Malir, Linesarea and others.

On the other hand the MQM activists are panicked and scared as the MQM Coordination Committee has been limiting itself to holding press conferences and issuing statements over the arrests, alleged disappearances and extra-judicial killings of the party workers during the operation that was started in September 2013. Moreover, MQM party chief’s recent trend of disowning various party workers, especially after the raid on MQM headquarters, is making them feel helpless and shelter less.

Sources close to Saulat Mirza while talking to The Nation revealed that Saulat remained attached with MQM even while in Balochistan jail and his sudden statement against MQM has taken MQM leaders by surprise. Family sources, when contacted, said they had no knowledge how and when Saulat recorded his statement against the MQM.

Source quoted a family member as saying, “We rushed to Mach jail where we had a meeting with Saulat in very much difficult circumstance. We had ‘Jali Wali Mulaqat’ (a meeting with iron nets and grills between the parties).” The family member said that Saulat did not discuss anything about his recorded statement with his family.

He said that Saulat’s brother Farhat Mirza, who went missing since last couple of weeks, reached home on Wednesday. He said that family of Saulat remains in Quetta while police have been providing security to them, “but we don’t have any threat from anyone and we believe there is no need for security”.

Saulat’s wife during a media chat last week said that Saulat’s brother had been picked up by plainclothes personnel and she wanted to know about the whereabouts of her brother-in-law. Sources said that various family members of Saulat, including his brothers Farhat Mirza and Nusrat Mirza, remained affiliated with MQM in good times and availed many benefits including most of the contracts of major development works in Karachi.