KARACHI - Muttahida Qumai Movement (MQM) senior legal adviser Senator Barrister Farogh Naseem on Thursday said his party would approach international court and the United Nation for justice and write a letter soon to the UN regarding ‘victimisation’ of Muttahida and its leadership.

Addressing a press conference at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, the MQM leader said Saulat Mirza did not level these allegations throughout his trial and during the hearing of his appeals against the death sentence for the murder of KESC MD Shahid Hamid. He questioned how it became possible to record the interview of a death-row convict in a high-security prison just hours before his execution.

Rejecting the statement of Saulat Mirza in which he accused the MQM chief and other party leaders of being involved in various killings in the city, Farogh termed his confessional video violation of the law and said the statement from the death cell had no legal value.

He said everyone was aware of the late night dramatic development. “Who ordered recording of the statement of Saulat Mirza just before his execution?” he questioned and added the law was being violated to level baseless allegations against MQM leaders.

He said Federal Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan was a nice person, urging him to take notice of the situation as it was making Pakistan’s legal system a laughing stock. “If the government doesn’t like MQM, it should come up with some substance and truth,” he added. Naseem termed the whole episode part of a vicious campaign going on against the MQM after the Rangers’ raid on Nine Zero on March 11.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Barrister Saif said even legal fraternity was terming the case a violation of the law of the land.