Money laundering, smuggling of currency, weapons and tax evasion are considered serious crimes in any country, yet in Federal Capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Ayyan, a model, is given privilege to use VVIP Lounge, where she is caught smuggling more than half a million dollars. Since when do models, mistresses, relatives and friends of elite are entitled to VVIP protocol and use of departure or arrival lounges? It was in Islamabad, from where hundreds of prostitutes from Eastern Europe managed to enter the country, without any documentation, and yet this crime was hushed up. Criminals from South Africa have frequently entered and exited Karachi without any documentation. No wonder Pakistan is considered a haven for criminals and terrorists.

If Ayyan had been caught in USA, she would be behind bars, facing numerous charges carrying long prison sentences, the money confiscated, because of false declaration and she would have to explain source of her income and taxes paid. Tax evasion in any developed or under-developed country is considered a crime against state, more heinous than murder. No wonder drug smugglers and criminals have spent millions to get elected in the senate, because this buys them immunity from law and facilitates them in nefarious illegal activities, which is their livelihood.


Lahore, March 18.