All of us were kicked out of fool’s paradise yesterday. The build up to the match and Bangladesh’s attitude going in to the match gave an impression that they might just beat India. Even the Indian team must have felt the heat going on to the field to bat against a pumped up Bengali team. However, India was always going to beat Bangladesh and it did. The hopes of a possible semifinal have been destroyed for the Bengali fans but they should still take a lot of pride in reaching the quarterfinals of the World Cup. It is still a huge feat. The Indians have now progressed to the semifinals for the second time in a row. Last time they managed to win the cup. This time they will face whoever wins the match today. Moving on, tomorrow New Zealand faces the flamboyant West Indies. The Kiwis are the favourites to win. They have really made their point loud and clear in the tournament till now. Analysts of the game already predict New Zealand to be in the final. If they win tomorrow, they will face an extremely stiff challenge against the South Africans in the semis. The Proteas already have that winner’s attitude. AB De Villiers has mentioned a few times in his press conferences that he believes he’s got the best team and they will win the World Cup. He is instilling that confidence in his own team as well. The probability of the first semi final is between New Zealand and South Africa then. The World Cup is nearing its end but the excitement has only just begun.

–Shaan Tahir