RAWALPINDI - Terming the grand alliance of Ulema and Mashiakh belonging to Ahle Sunnat, Pir Hafiz Naqeebur Rehman stressed the need of reviving and activating Ittehad Ahle Sunnat Rabita Council for which written nominations and recommendations from Ulema and Mashiakh were sought.

Chairing the meeting of large number of Ulema and Mashiakh Pir Hafiz Naqeebur Rehman, custodian of Eidgah Sharif on Thursday, said that the peace-loving majority of the country has to play their collective role for establishing lasting peace in the country and to curb the menace of terrorism.

The meeting, which was attended by Haji Haneef Tayyab, Sahibzada Dr Noorul Haq Qadari, Pir Dr Sajidur Rehman, Sahibzada Mohammad Akram Shah, Pir Syed Sadat Ali Shah, Brig (retd) Mohammad Shabbir Shah, also deliberated upon the written recommendations given by various religious scholars.

Scion of Pir Naqeebur Rehman, Sahibzada Mohammad Hasaan Naqeebur Rehman also attended the meeting, which lasted for over five hours with the consensus view of revival of Ittehad Ahle Sunnat Rabita Council for activating the vast majority belonging to Ahle Sunnat and wanted to live in peace and tranquillity.

Pir Naqeebur Rehman urged the participants of the meeting to come up with prudent proposal and suggestions for the revival of the council and should show magnanimity in accommodating others’ point of view to make this endeavour a complete success.

It was decided in the meeting that the participants of the meeting would forward their nominees for the council in next 72 hours and authorised Pir Hafgiz Naqeebur Rehman to announce the council after getting the nominations from Ulema and Mashiakh as well as the custodians of various shrines.

The meeting paid glowing tributes to the Armed Forces of the country for their contribution toward establishing lasting peace in the country and countering terrorism in every nook and corner of the country.

The meeting deplored the campaign of provincial governments against the loudspeakers and advised them to focus their energies on maintenance of law and order situation instead of lodging cases against Ulema and Mashiakh under Loudspeaker Ordinance.

They also demanded withdrawal of all cases lodged against Ulema under the Loudspeaker Ordinance.