Motorcycle dealers are charging Rs10,000 extra from locals on the purchase of bikes across the Sindh.

According to sources, the price of new 125cc motorcycle fixed by companies is Rs10,5500 but the dealers are selling it on Rs115000 with charging extra money of Rs10,000.

Getting irked by this practice, the residents have said that no department has taken any action into the matter so far.

Sources further told that more than one thousand 125cc motorcycles are being sold daily in the country, indicating a rapid increase in the usage of two wheeler units.

According to latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), at least 2,071,123 motorcycles were manufactured during July 2015 to June 2016 increasing its production by 9.73 percent.

PBS report revealed that more than 60 motorcycle manufacturers are working in the country with Honda still leading market with a notable margin.

Meanwhile, experts said that the development in production of motorcycle is showing that middle-class is growing faster.

They further hoped that this growth will also increase during years to come and opined that it is time to regulate motorcycle riders in a more strict manner to make sure that they, as well as other motorists on roads are safe.

It must be mentioned here that there are local retail outlets that offer motorcycle lease with installments going as low as Rs 2,000 per month.