LAHORE - The Federal Investigation Agency has recovered Rs140 million in local and foreign currency after busting a network of illegal money exchangers in compliance with National Action Plan (NAP) on Sunday.

Acting on a tip-off, a team of FIA Corporate Crime Circle (CCC) raided Pracha International currency exchange in Anarkali, Lahore, and arrested five persons involved in hawala hundi business, said an agency spokesman.

The accused were identified as Numan Sultan, Zahid Malik, Saghir, Ishtiaq, Qadeer Malik and Amin khan.

The foreign currency recovered included: 5,000,000 Iranian Riyal, 47,045 Qatari Riyal; 69,020 Swiss franc, 14,550 Indian rupees, 11,000 Korean won, 1,000,000 Iraqi dinar, 500 Afghani, 105 Egyptian pound, 11,590 South African Rand, 18,380 Hong Kong dollar, 1,057,000 Japanese Yen, 2,640 Scottish pound, 33,551 Chinese Yuan, 2,700 Turkish Lira, 9,677 Omani Rial, 1,786 Bahraini dinar, 22,042 Malaysian ringgit, 161,050 Norwegian krone, 400 Singapore dollar, 51,900 Swedish krona, 178,800 Danish krone, 13,410 Australian dollar, 25,725 Canadian dollar, 2,510 New Zealand Dollar, 4,401 Kuwaiti Dinar, 1,324,113 US Dollar, 246,645 UK pound, 480,515 UAE Dirham, and 1,326,113 Saudi Riyal.

Apart from the currency, the team members also recovered USB having data (Receipts/Ledgers) regarding the illegal exchange business. The FIA registered a case FIR No 58/2017 under section 4,8,23 FER Act 109 PPC,4 AML Act against accused and investigation is in progress, according to the spokesman.

The government is monitoring the transaction of funds and amounts through banking or otherwise, incoming and outgoing of amounts to and from Pakistan, registration of vehicles, registrations of citizens of the country, rental issues and many other issues linked with law and order situation in the country.