KARACHI/LONDON - Former Minister for Ports and Shipping Babar Khan Ghauri on Sunday dismissed the allegations levelld by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan leader Amir Khan.

Ghauri refuted Khan's statement that he owned 31 petrol stations. "I would like the MQM-Pakistan leader to provide evidence to back his claim," said the formal federal minister.

The former minister said that public was being distracted by political rhetoric instead of elected officials taking concrete steps to solve their problems.

In a TV interview, Ghauri said: "I don't wish to engage in mudslinging but I have the right to take legal action against such allegations."

Speaking at MQM Pakistan's Youm-e-Tasees, Amir Khan claimed that Ghauri owned as many as 31 petrol pumps in Karachi.

“Babar Ghauri, who owns properties of millions of dollars in America, owns 31 petrol pumps here in Karachi. Did he inherit it from his father?” he asked. “He should give the money to the workers; he has run away after looting it from here.”

Khan named London-based party leaders Wasy Jalil, Babar Ghauri, Imbisat Mallick, Mustufa Azizabadi and Muhammad Anwar as sycophants.

Without naming the MQM-Pakistan founder, Khan said: “It’s you, not us, who is the traitor. You have always left the workers on their own in difficult times.”