ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday castigated Imran Khan for his blatant lies and the U-turns that he has been taking on his stated positions. 

Addressing the PTI Chairman directly in a statement here, she said that “Mr Imran Khan, you have told 25-26 billion lies and taken U-turns on your stated positions during the last three and half years.”

The Minister said that "Whenever allegations of corruption against PTI and its Ministers are unfurled they start crying. The wailing and crying by the PTI will not tip the balance in your favour and the time to deliver has also passed.

"Thanks heavens you have at least planted a tree. How would you face the people of KPK in 2018 elections if you had not done this at least? The people of KPK are writing letters to NAB about corruption indulged in by the party and its stalwarts." 

"Stop crying and answer the NAB corruption charges. You have failed to deliver but it is good that have at least started planting trees. Khan Sahib your behaviour to utter lies, negative politics and jealously are the causes of your failure to deliver," she added.