VEHARI - The district administration directed officials of the Revenue Department to collect the outstanding dues within stipulated period.

Charing a meeting held with the revenue officials, DCO Ali Akbar Bhatti ordered them to make all-out efforts to achieve the set targets of revenue collection. He also warned the officials not to show any slackness in this regard.

On the occasion, the DCO repeated the revenue targets, saying a target of Rs338 million was set for stamp duty while only Rs8.3 million has been collected so far. Similarly, target of Rs430 million was set for land revenue only Rs212 million has been collected so far. In the same way, target of Rs330 million was set for agricultural income tax while only Rs1.5 million has yet been collected.

Mr Bhatti advised the officials to work honestly and with dedication. He also advised them to treat the complainants politely at offices.

Vehari AC Syed Asif Hussain Shah, AC SNA Khuram Saleem and all the revenue officers attended the meeting.