When will ruling political elite and paid civil cum uniformed bureaucracy of this country realize that Pakistan has been driven to verge of financial bankruptcy and this country cannot sustain continuous financial bleeding by systematic transfer of foreign exchange through regular and irregular channels? Was Pakistan created to replace East India Company white rulers with our own natives living abroad? 

Kindly have mercy on citizens of Pakistan and stop this financial terrorism from within. The problem is not with expatriates employed abroad, who send remittances back home. It is with dual nationals, green card holders or Iqama holders who hold public offices, head state owned corporations like PSO, PIA, National Bank, SECP etc who are instrumental in large scale transfer of foreign exchange to countries where their families reside. 

Why should political leaders consider 200 Million citizens of Pakistan competent only to vote and be ruled, but not worthy to head vital financial institutions, regulatory agencies or hold diplomatic assignments? Is there any dearth of competent, qualified, specialists in various fields worthy to hold important assignments in Pakistan, that ruling elite must select dual nationals and Iqama holders? Obviously such dual nationals serve vested interests of ruling elite in facilitating money laundering and moving billions minted through corruption and kickbacks to known safe havens like Dubai. 

Democracy as a system of governance has evolved and needs to be implemented with its built in system of checks and balances that are universally adopted. Pakistan can no longer perform role of client state willing to perform assigned tasks for other countries, when it is insecure from within and susceptible to terrorism financed by enemy countries who exploit loopholes within our border management and financial regulatory institutions. Drive down Sheikh Zahyed Road in Dubai and view expensive mansions, multi-storied buildings, and apartments owned by paid and elected elite of this country; it will shock you. 


Lahore, March 6.