KARACHI - The corrupt rulers of Sindh are bent to kill and bury the crucial education sector in the province and they have started this destructive process by giving universities in control of bureaucracy, said Pasban e Pakistan General Secretary Usman Moazzam.

He was addressing a protest rally on Monday to condemn the universities laws amendment bill. A large number of workers, teachers, students and civil society members, carrying a symbolic coffin of education, gathered at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) and raised slogans against the Sindh government.

Addressing the rally, Usman Moazzam said the Sindh rulers have virtually nailed the coffin of higher education in Sindh. He said these rulers want to push the people of Sindh back to the stone age. He said the passing of bill against the autonomy of universities is terrorism against education. He said those involved in destruction of education should be booked, and terrorism cases lodged against them.

Moazzam further said that the corrupt and inept rulers of Sindh have already turned the government educational institutions into their Autaqs. He said these rulers have already sold thousands of jobs of provincial education department, which tells loud and clear about the commitment of these people to the education of Sindh.

He said the new bill is nothing but a tool to sell the university jobs and divert their funds to the pockets of the corruption mafia. He said making the academics subordinate to bureaucrats is just a disgrace. He said appointment of political vice chancellors would further bring down the already falling education standard. He said educational friendly circles would continue to raise voice against the enmity of rulers towards education.

Pasban Abdul Hakim Quaid also spoke on the occasion while the protestors raised slogans against the government and demanded to withdraw the controversial bill.