BAHAWALPUR-The PTI and the PPP are two sides of the same coin and it has been proved in the senate election, said PML-N leader Dr Rana Tariq Khan.

Talking to The Nation on Sunday, he said that "respect the vote" had become slogan of every Pakistani, maintaining that the PML-N government would restore respect of people's vote. He claimed that the PML-N government had served the nation in a befitting manner and made Pakistan an important economy of the region.

He claimed that the PML-N government had fulfilled all the promises it made with the nation. "The government has eliminated terrorism and loadshedding from the country. Peace has been restored in Karachi," he said, adding that the PML-N had given China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and a countrywide network of motorways and highways to the Nation. "The CPEC is a game changer for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan," he noted.

He termed PML-N the biggest political party of the country, saying that Nawaz Sharif was the only person in the world who was facing court trial even though no evidence could be produced against him. He said that people of Pakistan did not accept the decision of disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister. He said that people of Pakistan had given their decision before election 2018 by participating in the public gatherings of PMLN, adding that people had left the opposition senseless with participation in PML-N public meetings with enthusiasm.

He said that Bahawalpur was the PML-N stronghold and people would honour the party with their confidence in the next general election. He added that the PML-N Bahawalpur leadership was thankful to the local population for their huge participation in the party's public meeting addressed by Nawaz Sharif.