LAHORE - A calligraphy conference to commemorate 100 years of prolific artist Sufi Khursheed Alam Khursheed Raqam was held at Dabistan-e-Iqbal on Monday.

On the occasion, Irfan Ahmed Qureshi said that Sufi Khursheed Alam was a spiritual entity besides being a master calligraphist. He was far away from snobbery and aggressiveness. He spent whole of his life in promotion of Nastaliq, the national script of Pakistan and he trained thousands of calligraphers without charging a single penny.

Calligrapher Khursheed Alam Gohar Qalam said: “Sufi Sahib’s virtues are only possible to be expressed by writing a book. He was not only a calligraphist but a poet par excellence and had a command over Urdu and Persian languages. He was so intimate with nature that he loved to say prayer in the garden in the midst of plants.” Art critic Rasheed Butt said that “when PTV planned to start a calligraphy teaching programme and entrusted this job to me, I consulted all teachers and opened my series with Sufi Sahib’s interview. Thanks to that opening, this series proved a big success and ran for many years.” Calligrapher Malik Nawaz Ahmad Awan said that it is obligatory to preserve and publish Sufi Sahib’s work. Similarly, works of other artists should appear before people. General Humayun Khan Bangash, while delivering presidential address, said, the calligrapher community should develop mutual cooperation. “I am striving that calligraphy courses be introduced in fancy schools of Pakistan,” he said.