RAHIM YAR KHAN-Dozens of residents of Kachi Abadi adjacent to Canal Colony protested against demolition of their houses by the district administration, municipal committee and police here the other day.

They blocked Adda Khanpur Chowk as protest. Talking to media, they said that they had been living at Kachi Abadi since long and had built their mud houses. "The other day, police under directives from the district administration and municipal committee demolished their houses and threw their belongings out after evacuating them without serving any prior notices," they lamented. They termed it the worst example of oppression against the poor.

Official sources, on the other hand, say that the houses were demolished because they had been built illegally on 14-kanal state land by dwellers of Kachi Abadi. The occupants of the houses had been served prior notices but they did not leave the area because they had built cemented houses there.

On the orders of DC Socrat Amman Rana, AC Aitizaz Anjum evacuated the land possessed mainly by grade four employees of the municipal committee and the irrigation department. The working women hostel, Nadra office and e-sahoolat centres would be established at the evacuated land.